Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Holy Hell: Palin's Book Deal

Can someone pleeeease tell me what kind of a world we live in where a woman who cannot form a cohesive sentence is getting a $7 million dollar book deal? Honestly, who is going to write the abomination? Is seems logical enough to me that in order to command a book deal at all, much less one that is as lucrative as this, there are certain faculties an author should be required to possess, such as:

1. A command of the English language.

2. Not only that the author can read, but that, in fact, she does read.

3. And what about the book tour? Shouldn’t an author be required to posses the capability to speak intelligently while promoting a $7 million dollar book?

I am outraged. Was it not enough of an insult to thinking, educated, and intelligent people everywhere that this woman was even put on the Republican ticket? Now, the train wreck that was the McCain/Palin campaign is going to be documented in excruciating detail for all of perpetuity in a written form. This is absolute literary blasphemy of the highest degree. It is bad enough that I cannot turn on the television in my own home with out seeing her face and hearing her voice. Now she is about to intrude upon the sanctuary that is my local bookstore and library.

Oh, I know this is all about money. But is there nothing sacred left in the world at all? I have long list of questions compiled that I intend to pose to God when I get to heaven. Most of these questions center around my perception of the lack of justice in the world. I’ve just added another question to that list.

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