Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Oh Yeah, I've Added Pink to the Blog

When deciding upon a blog design I purposely avoided pink. Or any derivation thereof. Contrary to my love of shoes, martinis, and mani/pedi's, I'm not really a super girly girl. I'd take a day with no make up, sweats, and ball cap anytime.

(Just ask any Stepford Wife that has ever seen me on the weekends and pretended not to know me. Yeah, you know who you are.)


When given the opportunity for Stepford Stories to have a review blog, pink seemed just the right color.

So today, I'm launching the Stepford Stories Review Blog and in a BIG way.

If you're interested in hearing another one of my funny stories (and I know you are) and interested in winning a $200 gift card (because who isn't?) then get your mouse clicking over on those shopping bags on the side bar or just click below. Leave a comment, tweet it up, facebook it, or blog about it to be entered to win.


Good Luck!

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