Tuesday, 15 June 2010



These last few months, since we spoke last, there has been a lot on my mind. My plate. My heart.

The dictionary defines transition as "movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another." In a general sense this is where I've been.


In the last few months, my husband and I both began new jobs. My son became a teenager. My daughter entered therapy for a very real, physical breathing problem that turned out to have a very real, psychological cause.

My husband is learning what is like to work with people who are as exceptional as he is. It is good.

My son is learning what freedom tastes like. It is good.

My daughter is learning what it is like to decide for herself what her truth is. It is good.

And me?

I have been afforded a rare and precious opportunity to create a business, a future, and a legacy from scratch. An opportunity to create a professional life that is aligned perfectly with who I am. I am learning what it is like to own, really own, my choices. It is good.

After an almost three year absence, in the midst of what conventional wisdom says is one of the toughest times to be a mortgage loan officer, I have returned to the mortgage business.

With a determined intentionality.

Everyday I intend to do business, refer business, and close business with honesty and integrity.

Everyday I intend to care for my clients with sincerity and transparency.

Everyday I intend to conduct my business the way I conduct my personal life - by putting my clients' best interests in front of my own.

Woodrow Wilson once said, "We are not here to merely make a living. We are here to enrich the world, and we impoverish ourselves if we forget this errand. "

I'm going to walk this talk and see where it takes me. I'm confident it will be somewhere good.


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