Thursday, 20 August 2009

(In)Justice To My Bank Account

For all of you out there without tween girls, you don't know what you're missing on the fashion front. The cleverly named Justice for Girls is all the rage. Stepford has not one, but two, Justice for Girls locations. And any tween in Stepford who is anyone has a closet that looks like this store has vomited within it.

I have previously dodged this shopping bullet by convincing my daughter that this was the "Grandma Store". Meaning that this was the special place that only she and her Grandma shopped and that if I took her there, I would be infringing upon this special Grandma experience. However, Grandma is currently living out of state and my daughter having an outfit from this store for the first day of third grade is apparently a matter of importance that rivals the moon landing.

So it was that I found myself, for the very first time, inside this store last night. Armed with a forty percent off coupon, I was fairly certain this experience would not be too terribly painful.


Justice for Girls did a serious injustice to my pocketbook. This wasn't enirely my daughter's fault. It was just that as she came out of the dressing room in cute outfit after cute outfit, the bill quickly escalated - even with the coupon.

First there was this lovely three piece ensemble."Mom, this cami is SO comfortable. It even has a built in bra!" "And this rhinestone jacket will keep my shoulders from getting cold in class." "And these matching leggings are SOOO cool! Now, I just need some sneakers!"

Which we, of course, we had no trouble finding.
I know, right? They're uber hightops. I couldn't believe it either.

"Mom, I totally need a new swimsuit for the lake. My one from this summer is way worn out and this is even on SALE!"

I know, but I'm kind of big on peace signs (which is what is covering this tankini).

Even though we went to the store with the intention of buying one outfit for the first day of third grade, I did have in the back of my mind that we should probably go ahead and pick up one of Justice's signature sweat suits for when the weather turns cooler. Which is how we ended up with this.

And just tell me you're not a sucker for paint splattered denim? C'mon try.

And well, I wanted this outfit for myself, but it only came in her size so at least one of us is getting a sequined skirt and suede boots this fall.

I do have some self-control. I drew the line at this. The gloves are entirely over the top. So we left this at the store (along with all my money - Grandma, please come home.)

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