Friday, 14 August 2009

Let Me Explain

Okay, if you read this post then you might be a little confused about what exactly it is that I'm doing with a Facebook badge like this

Kristi Stevens
Kristi Stevens
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on the sidebar of my blog. Well, here is the deal. My objections to Facebook were mainly centered around having all of Stepford as Facebook friends - and therefore, all up in my writing business. It has occurred to me, however, that I'm missing out on what some of my best online friends are doing if I ban Facebook from my life entirely. And even more deviously, it occured to me that if I left my Stepford Facebook profile up and continued to accept friends over there, I could create a fan page for my online friends about which no one in Stepford need know anything. And, if Stepford thinks they've already found me over there, they are much less likely to come looking for me over here.

I know, right?

I'm too clever for even me sometimes.

So, friend me, fan me, meme me, whatever it is that you Facebook people do. Let's rock.

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