Sunday, 25 October 2009

A Banner Week on Stepford Stories

I started Stepford Stories six months ago. When I started, the blog had exactly seven readers. Six of these readers I brought with me from DivineCaroline and the other is a personal friend from Stepford.

Things have changed. This week we met Ash, a reader who lives in Lahore, Punjab Pakistan. I'll always remember this moment. Without Stepford Stories, there would be a kindred spirit all the way around the world of which I would have never been aware. This was good day.

On Friday, Stepford Stories was nominated for four Blogger's Choice Awards. I'm very proud of the four little nomination badges at the top of the blog.

Yesterday, we met Emmy, a conservative from the Northwest. And for the first time in six months, someone challenged my liberalism on Stepford Stories. And the comment section actually got a little heated.

I think it's a real blog now.

Whenever I'm writing a serious piece about a serious issue, I take my time. If I'm commenting on public policy, I care deeply that the writing is thoughtful and a clear reflection of my ideals. Emmy has challenged just about every hot button issue I posses.

And I'll be responding.

Stay tuned.

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