Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A Hater Named Sarah

If profanity offends you, do not read this post. You've been warned.

This was written to me and about me today on DivineCaroline:

"Kristi, you'll never be elected the governor of any state, and won't be so popular for having done such a good job at it either. You'll never go on national TV in front of millions worldwide amidst a media hate campaign and hit a home run with a speech. So you can call her whatever you want. She won't care and neither will anybody else. She is such a threat to you and yours because she actually supports human rights and the health of women and their children. You and yours in the pro abortion lobby, meanwhile, continue to ensure that women will face needless birth defects, depression, breast cancer, suicide, and preterm births in their futures. All for the almighty, very profitable, notion that it is somehow AOK to kill your own child. We understand why you find Sarah Palin and other pro life women like Lila Rose, Gianna Jessen, and Rebecca Kiessling such a threat. Because it is us who are exposing you and yours and all you do to destroy not only babies but women as well."

I actually don't have a huge problem with the first four sentences of this post. If you love Sarah Palin, I'm not for you. You're welcome to love her all you want. I'll be passing on that option.

What has fucking sent me over the edge is the last half of the post. I have taken great pains to never criticize Saint Sarah for her anti-choice stance. Don't get me wrong, I do disagree with her on this point. However, I deeply believe every woman must make these choices for themselves. I strongly believe if there is no choice, then the government is making it on your behalf.

I am not an idiot. I have a deep comprehension about the abortion debate. If you're on the other side, I'm cool with that. What I cannot tolerate is the vitriol with which pro-choice people are routinely attacked (aka Dr. George Tiller). I support a woman's perfectly LEGAL right to choose, or not to choose, an abortion. Period.

Here's the best part. I've requested that this vile, hate filled post be removed. And so far, it has not. I've contacted the editor and received a prompt reply thanking me for my email and letting me know that my request should be sent to the "appropriate person". So, I sent my request again. However, this time I said, "Dear Appropriate Person, Perhaps you missed my first request...."

Fucking super. I just love cowardly anonymous posters who hide behind their keyboards and think they can type whatever they want. They are the cockroaches of the Internet and we are in serious need of an exterminator. (Of course, if I typed that on DivineCaroline it would promptly be deleted by the appropriate person.)

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