Thursday, 2 July 2009

Mommy Guilt

I try really hard not to whine. I don't tolerate it in my kids and my husband receives a less than favorable reaction when he tries it. With that being said, today's post is going to be whiney.

My son did not want to go to summer camp today. Instead, he would have preferred to stay at home. Specifically, what he had in mind was staying in his room, on the floor, in his pajamas, eating Fritos and drinking Diet Coke, while simultaneously watching VH1, playing Runescape on the laptop and texting with his friends. I'm sure a few phone calls would have been thrown in for good measure.

For some ridiculous reason, which I am sure will make some sort of "Bad Mom of the Month" list, I thought it would be a MUCH better idea for him to go to camp where he would spend the day at the Stepford Water Park. What was I thinking? Seriously! I must be brain damaged. Why in the world would I think that a twelve year old boy would want to spend the day at a water park - IN JULY - IN TEXAS? Further, why would I be willing to pay $200 a week to torture my child in such a way? Could someone please call Child Protective Services? Otherwise, I'm going to be compelled to insist that my son also go to Medieval Times, Six Flags, bowling, roller skating, ice skating, horseback riding and swimming over the course of the next seven weeks.

Oh and wait, it gets better. After I got my son to camp, I ran into a fellow Stepford Wife in the parking lot whose twelve year old son was sitting in her car crying because he was NOT being allowed to go to camp this week. Her son has apparently misbehaved in some way and she is making him stay home as punishment. Good Lord, what is WRONG with this woman? Doesn't she know the real punishment is sending her child to camp?

There are thirty-six more week days until school starts. Surely my son can survive the torture that long? Me? Probably not. FML

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