Friday, 17 July 2009

Willie Geist is Cordially Invited to Stepford

The video below was one of the funniest things I saw prior to the election. It was just so foreign to me to see a complete population of people with which I agreed.

MSNBC's Morning Joe reran this piece earlier this week. They used the video as an introduction to Harry Stein's visit to the show. Harry has recently released the book Can't believe you're sitting next to a Republican?

I have not read the book, but the premise as I understand it is that crazed liberals are going around the country attacking poor innocent Republicans. The general consensus of the panel discussion that followed was that the left was much less reasonable and open-minded than the right.


Please. Willie, I invite you to bring your Obama paraphernalia to Stepford for a repeat of the experiment you did on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I can assure you that the Stepfordians will make these New Yorkers look like milk toast.

I can't wait to meet Willie, he is my favorite on Morning Joe. Mica would be my fave, but she needs to learn to speak up and stop letting the loud-talker, Joe, drown her out.

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